The origin story

Kiran Kaur
Jun, 19, 2018
2 min. read

Everyone hopes to be their own boss someday and for the founders of, that day is today. Newton is a startup company in partnership with Plug and Play Tech Center located in Sunnyvale, California. The company uses artificial intelligence technology to help employers connect to potential candidates in the field they choose.

Helder Silva, CEO of, was a clinical researcher in a hospital pursuing his Ph.D. when he met his Co-founder Rui Costa at a Hackathon organized by Microsoft in Portugal. The two men began talking and came across the topic of artificial intelligence technology. Rui, who at the time was finishing up his degree in a Computer Science, mentioned that AI would be a gateway towards a fulfilling future.

Together they noticed that the youth unemployment rate in Europe was descending incredibly, some countries reaching close to 45% unemployment rate. After diving into in-depth research, they realized that there were many employment vacancies in multiple companies. The problem wasn’t that there weren’t job opportunities but that the positions were not being filled. This was due to a distributional problem and a mismatch between job seekers and companies.

Now seeing the problem, Helder and Rui began brainstorming possible solutions. Of the many, one was to create an algorithm that would react to the fluctuations of the market in real time and at the same time build an efficient distribution model that could balance the demand and supply. This would result in the right candidate to be matched up with the right company efficiently and effectively, saving time and money for both parties.

In the end, they created, an AI that would do exactly that! The founders’ mission with Newton is to build a virtual bridge that connects those seeking employment with those hiring in a faster and cost-effective way. Naturally they named the company after Sir Isaac Newton, the brilliant 17th Century English Astronomers, who once said “We build too many walls and not enough bridges”.

Inspired by Silicon Valley’s unique entrepreneurial and tech spirit, the founders decided to move there to pursue their dream and further invest in their product. They set up their company in Sunnyvale and joined the Plug and Play startup community. With the support of investors, family, and friends, the two men were finally able to launch Newton in April 2018. Although the company is fairly new, their big ideas are turning heads and gaining more attention.