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How Newton Works

1. Post your job openings

Newton uses deep learning, machine learning and NLP to determine the exact requirements you are looking for in a candidate.

2. Let Newton work its magic

Newton performs a matching process with thousands of potential candidates that are qualified for the positions.

3. Human-assisted screening

We determine who is interested and perform a screening process to narrow down the candidate pool to even better matches.

4. Curated list of interested & qualified candidates

The candidates are then ranked based on how well matched they are according to your positions. Only these interested & qualified candidates will show up on your ATS.

Recruit interns from top US Universities
Your all-in-one recruitment solution
Sourcing & Ranking
Newton combines deep learning algorithms with NLP to accurately source the best talent for your openings. He then ranks the candidates to help us target your leads.
We set up screening calls with the top candidates to ensure 100% accuracy in our recommendations and to set up a smooth follow-up for the employer.
You can manage everything in one place and take the clutter out of your hiring process with Newton’s user-friendly ATS.
Newton also provides custom integrations for any ATS or other software that you are already using.

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