Newton for Companies!

Add a layer of Artificial inteligence to your recruitment process and find the best candidates!
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Deep Learning
We train a deep neural network model by converting your career opportunities transcripts into numerical representations called word vectors. We use statistical operations to extract meaning, context, and predict the best candidates for the job.
Unique Search Experience
We index all the candidates into our powerful search engine. Just speak or type your queries to get instant candidates.
Computer Vision + Powerful Classifiers
Different sources, the same results. Just drag and drop your resumes (PDF, TXT, URL) and we’ll rank according to the best fit for your company.

Recruitment 360º - All in one place
  • Plan Your Hiring Process
  • Get New Jobs Approved
  • Accept Applications Online
  • Cast A Wider Net
  • Post to Job Boards
  • Post to Social Networks
  • Boost Referrals
  • Manage Candidates & Prospects
  • Schedule Interviews
  • Create Interview Kits
  • Score Candidates
  • Manage Your Pipeline
  • Make Great Decisions