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"Finding technical talent is tough for a lot of companies, especially across Bay Area. There’s a lot of demand and it can take a long time to find someone that’s a good fit. Newton helped me find great candidates for our company."

Shankar Somasundaram

CEO at Asimily

"With Newton, I got quality candidates faster. It has saved us a lot of time and money."

Ellie Amirnasr

CEO at Qlair

"Newton has been incredibly helpful in speeding up the recruitment process."

Cirrus Shakeri

CEO at Inventurist

"The team at Newton spent time to really understand my role and requirements, and then didn’t feel like they were simply pushing any warm resume my way, but rather matching me with people who were a genuine great fit."

Thibault de Lacheze-Murel

CTO at

"Newton has really helped us streamline our recruitment process and make decisions faster."

Mike Ghodoosian

CEO at Hubsai, Inc.

"Newton quality and speed are outstanding, setting a very high bar for all hiring solutions. In two weeks, I’ve interviewed 5 great candidates they've recommended."

Kenneth Ryu

Co-Founder & COO at BinaryVR

"A digital assistant that is highly intuitive compared with most ATS systems. Plus, they have customer support that is highly responsive."

Marcin Michalak

CEO at Dr Poket

"Newton drastically improved the time to fill a position for KickSIM."

Robson Oliveira

CEO at KickSIM Networks